Jarmyn Enterprise solar - Why Clean & Maintain
Why clean and maintain your 
solar power system
The choice is easy
Dirty and dust covered solar panels will only be able to utilize half of the sunlight that they will be exposed to. Regular solar power system maintenance can not only help you improve the efficiency of your solar system but will also improve its life span.  Our team includes highly experienced, well equipped and knowledgeable experts who work with the latest technology and tools to deliver exceptional solar panel maintenance and cleaning services in Adelaide.
Why Clean and maintain
Solar panels can get dirty very quickly from dirt, dust, pollen, tree and bird droppings, pollution and traffic staining since they are exposed to natural elements in the Adelaide area. According to the research studies conducted by  various organizations, regular solar panel cleaning and maintenance can actually improve the efficiency of your solar panels by up to 20%. With this massive increase in efficiency, your solar panels will operate more cost effectively.
 It goes without saying that homeowners should therefore seriously consider regular solar maintenance.
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